Port au Choix National Historic Site

Archaeological remnants of 4,500 years of human history makes Port au Choix a natural choice for a Canadian national historic site.

Here you can interpret the daily life of this human history and discover our story through artifacts and records of archaeology. Its existence underlines the town’s importance in not only Canada’s timeline of human inhabitance but our world itself.

Fernald's Braya

Braya longii is a small, herbaceous, arctic-alpine flowering plant that grows only in the cool, wet and windy climate of the coastal limestone barrens of northern Newfoundland.

The Dorset Trail cuts through dramatic limestone barrens, featuring rare botanical species, fossils, and Dorset burial caves. The barrens are home to more than one hundred rare plants, including the yellow lady slipper orchid and the endangered Fernald’s braya, which grows nowhere else on earth.

Pointe Riche Lighthouse

This octagonal “pepperpot” style lighthouse stands alone as a handsome reminder of our history at sea.

The Point Riche Lighthouse is a wooden construction. It was erected in 1892 on the same spot as an even earlier light. Along with several more up the coast, it continues to provide guidance for seafarers in the area.

Maritime Archaic Cemetery

This cemetery is one of the largest and most important of its kind in the world.

The cemetery is on ancient hallowed ground - holding some 117 souls, dating back thousands of years. One of the oldest is of a boy dating back nearly 50 centuries ago.

French Rooms Cultural Center

Visit the French Rooms Cultural Center to learn about our more recent history.

View artifacts from the French Fishery. Watch a video of a house being floated into town during the Resettlement Period and enjoy hearing about the history of the Point Riche Lighthouse.

French Bread Oven

Join us to learn about the way of life of French Fisherman.

A reconstructed traditional stone bread oven produces delicious breads that can be enjoyed with local jams during the summer. It's a yummy taste of life going back some 300 years.

Fossil Findings

The fossil record in the Port au Choix area is quite well-documented and truly amazing. Prehistoric land and marine animals appear frozen in time in and on the rocks - to the enjoyment of all ages.