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When any person requests Work to be performed by councils forces; such as installation of water/ sewerage, the costs associated with the work shall be estimated by the Town Manager and the person who requested the work shall be required to pay 100% of the estimated costs plus any amounts which may be outstanding for municipal taxes, local improvement assessments or other charges before any work commences. ln the event the work can be performed for an amount less that the estimated cost, then any savings shall be refunded to the person requesting the work after all works have been completed.

In accordance with Section 103 of the Municipalities Act, when persons propose to pay their municipal taxes with post-dated cheques those cheques shall be dated at least one per month in equal amounts sufficient to fully pay all of the outstanding balance prior to the end of the current fiscal year.

Pursuant to Section 107 of The Municipalities Act, effective beginning in 2005, council will charge interest on taxes that are not paid on or before the date on which they become due. The inteŕest rate to be charged will be determined in a meeting on or before January 2005.

Any ordinary expenditure on behalf of council within the limits of the approved budget must have the prior approval by the Town Manager or the Finance Committee. All approved purchases must be covered by a purchase order signed by the Town Manager or his representative. Any expenditure of any other nature Such as councillors travel and related expenses must be approved by a minute of councíl.

Anyone requesting adjustment or exemption to Business Tax assessments which are assessed on gross income will be required to substantiate such claim by Submitting to council a signed statement from their audítors/ accountants as evidence of the gross income of the business.

No person shall shovel or deposit snow onto any public roadway, the ownership and management or control of which has been vested in the town council.

Council shall require by each individual owner mandatory installation of a back-up water valve on each individual sewer service line prior to any residence or other building being permitted to connect onto the municipal sewer system. An inspection will be required by municipal employees before any connection is made onto the municipal sewerage system in order to ensure compliance with all municipal regulations, by-laws and requirements.

If the municipal water/sewerage service is available to any property then that property shall be assessed the water/sewerage tax regardless of whether the property owner may use the service or not. If the individual water/sewer service line freezes up, the owner shall be required to continue to pay the water/sewer tax as assessed. The past policy available for a reduced water/sewerage rate for fishing sheds is rescinded and those shall henceforth be assessed at the full residential rate for water/ sewerage for the full year.

In cases where customers are being assessed water tax by use of a metered amount of usage, the minimum monthly water tax to assessed shall be the regular rate for commercial customers in a case where the metered amount of water usage is less than the amount required to cause an assessment in excess of the normal commercial monthly rate.

All mobile home trailers coming into Port au Choix must be put into the trailer court or they will not be permitted inside the municipal boundary at all.

No camper trailers are to be set up or located anywhere in the town for a period in excess of five days unless they are set up on privately owned property, with the owners of the privately owned property being responsible for them while they are so situated.

No person or persons shall move or caused to be moved any structure or building whatsoever-including mobile structures, vehicles and marine vessels whether constructed for residential, commercial, industrial or other like uses over any street or public roadway, the ownership, management or control of which have been vested in the council except by use of a trailer or flatbed approved and licenced by the Department of Works, Services and Transportation for that purpose.

No person shall be permitted to supply fresh water from the municipal water system, either over or above ground, to any property which council have disconnected from the municipal supply. Any person found to be in contravention of this by-law will be subject to immediate disconnection of their water service.