Volunteers Needed

The town has many volunteer groups/committees that are always in need of extra help. No committee can operate without dedicated members. Some town groups are: The Twin Town Stadium Board, Heritage Committee, Fire Department, Firettes, Hospitality Committee, Come Home Year Committee & Recreation Committee. Also, it would be nice to have a Canada Day Committee,… Continue reading Volunteers Needed

Town Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month and are open to the public. Residents can attend meetings but if you want to make a presentation or address the council you need to be added to the agenda ahead of time. Please call the office a few days in advance to… Continue reading Town Council Meetings

Community Garden

Our community garden was a great success last summer! Garden beds are leased on a one-year basis. If you would like to have a bed this year, you can contact the town to add your name to the list. If there are not enough beds for everyone, then the names will go in a draw.… Continue reading Community Garden

Join Us For a Women’s Night Out

Every Tuesday night starting at 7pm – bring your crafts, sewing, etc. and spend a couple of hours with others doing what you love. Refreshments will be served. Special events will be planned for certain evenings. Free of charge. Sponsored by the Town of Port au Choix with funding from the Community Healthy Living Fund.