No industry has benefited as much, from our place on the western coast of Newfoundland & Labrador as our fishery. The fishery in Port au Choix is the lifeblood of the community.


For hundreds of years, humans have tied their fortune to the waters that surround us. It is a rich, dynamic industry supporting families and businesses and adding bustle to our spring and summer seasons.

Our shrimp plant has – and continues to employ generations of our residents, the cod fishery has never slacked, and all manner of riches from the sea are exported around the globe from just right here. We are proud of our seafaring heritage and of the type of people it has made us – resilient, strong, resourceful and driven.

We don’t foresee a time when the busy hands of fishers are idled by lack. We are optimists who see a cluster of boats at dock as both a great photographic opportunity for visitors and a great way to make a living for those who live here. That’s the way it is when saltwater runs in your veins.